Healthcare organizations are looking at mobile apps to provide the best services across borders. In recent times, mHealth apps have gained vital momentum as they redefine the healthcare ecosystem. Today, they are key leaders in increasing access to the medical and healthcare industry by increasing the efficiency, communication, and quality of care facilities.

Did you know?

Research suggests that the size of the mHealth market was approximately USD 56 billion in 2020 and is set to grow (at a CAGR of) 30% from 2021 to 2030.

Statista reports that the mobile health industry is expected to surpass $189 billion by the end of 2025.

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Through this article, we'll cover the benefits of mobile health apps and help you understand why it's a worthwhile investment to provide more patient-centered care.

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Benefits of Healthcare Mobile App Development

There are many benefits associated with health care application development, especially during this crisis. Let's take a look at ten key benefits of custom mobile application development for the healthcare industry:

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Providing patient care at home

Healthcare mobile applications are considered a boon for doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers to update doctors about patients' symptoms and ill health conditions. These applications can be designed to check for sick symptoms and generate a report. After the report, doctors can make appropriate decisions and even give prescriptions that can be accessed through the app.

In a recent survey conducted by Greatcall, it was found that 93% of doctors support the mHealth app to improve patients' health, while 40% believe that it can reduce clinic visits. 

 Another report suggests that most physicians (about 80%) use smartphone apps for patient care. Such examples prove the importance of healthcare apps. These apps can be customized to treat each patient efficiently.

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Timely care even at remote locations

Nearby rural locations or remote areas with limited health facilities can use the Healthcare mobile application. Timely precautions can be taken using mobile applications in these areas. By scheduling video calls easily with doctors offering prescriptions (if any) digitally, most remote residents can get better care without having to travel to the hospital.

Regular clinic visits can be collectively avoided as doctors monitor their patient's health through smartphone apps. In addition, users can receive important health tips via push notifications.

Simplified Healthcare with the Internet of Things (IoT)

By collecting data from connected healthcare devices (such as wearables) and transferring it to healthcare service providers, IoT simplifies work for all healthcare professionals. The technology makes it easy to monitor critical health parameters and alert the healthcare provider when this limit is exceeded. IoT collaborates with medical and healthcare mobile apps to provide better care to patients while creating revenue opportunities for stakeholders.

Furthermore, with IoT, the treatment cost is also reduced significantly, making it easier for patients to follow instructions.

Creates new vibrant opportunities

From an increased focus on patient-centered healthcare delivery to the adoption of advanced technologies, several crucial factors are estimated to drive huge growth opportunities in the healthcare industry. Consequently, the global mHealth solutions market is expected to reach $213.6 billion by 2025, with a CAGR of 33.3%, as per the data.

Several categories of mHealth apps (such as pregnancy care and women's health) are seeing more downloads, and new vibrant opportunities are emerging in healthcare application development. For example, Apple is empowering the healthcare sector with its CareKit framework, opening up more opportunities for custom mobile app development.

While North America dominates the mHealth solutions market, regions around the world are slowly catching up.

Accurate patient diagnosis

Healthcare mobile apps, with their intelligent health diagnostics approach, reduce errors that can prove fatal for the patient. With accurate health monitoring, doctors can prescribe the right medicine with the right dosage to the patients. Healthcare mobile apps use sensors to accurately track and monitor various health parameters.

In addition, patient reports and prescription notes can be easily saved using the cloud features. Even medical staff will be able to store patients' data and keep records in an accurate manner.

Secure payment option

Standing in a queue to pay your medical bills is a thing of the past. With a secure payment gateway integrated into the Healthcare mobile app, bill payment becomes a hassle-free process. Choose from your preferred payment mode (debit card, credit card, or mobile payment gateway like PayPal) to pay bills on time. Plus, if you forget to pay, these apps will send a notification as a reminder.

For example, Cedar Pay - a major technology firm partners with healthcare providers to take care of billing. With a seamless payment experience on mobile, Cedar Pay enhances patient satisfaction to make businesses healthier.

The power to monitor your health

One of the biggest benefits of using the Healthcare mobile app is the power to track and monitor your health every day. Brands like Fitbit allow individuals to monitor and improve their health on a daily basis with their smartwatches, trackers, and other wearable devices. By leveraging the powerful healthcare apps in wearables, patients can easily measure:

  • sugar level
  • Weight
  • cholesterol level
  • blood pressure

Individuals can take timely action when the parameter increases or decreases.

Real-time communication

In addition to viewing patient status using high-definition cameras, the mobile app can also be used for real-time collaboration and consultation sharing with doctors. This benefits patients as doctors around the world can learn and share knowledge in real-time. In addition, regular real-time communication between patients and doctors also improves monitoring through continuous health check-ups.

Custom design treatment

Long waiting queues and delays in appointments are mainly due to a large number of patients a doctor has to see every day. To reduce the burden on clinics and hospitals, custom-designed treatments using mobile apps are the answer. By using patient data to build profiles in healthcare applications, doctors can provide optimal solutions or treatments to individual patients in a limited amount of time.

Better Scalability

To grow healthcare business, scalability of products is a major factor and mobile application is the easiest way to do that. It is possible through customized iPhone and android app development, eventually, ensuring profits for your business.

Story of Success

Case Study: Mobile App for Healthcare Staff Scheduling

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  • 80% optimization and automation of staff schedules
  • 50% improvement in internal communication
  • 40% increase in employee engagement and morale

Final Words

Healthcare applications have become the need of the hour as it has simplified the lives of people to a great extent. Complex tasks can be done quickly, and difficult decisions are made directly.

The healthcare mobile app development companies incorporate various other features to the mobile application like cloud facilities to store the details of patients, etc.

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